11 Moms Reveal the Parenting Advice They Received but Didn’t Believe… Until They Had Kid...

Ah, motherhood. It’s all sunshine and roses, isn’t it? It’s all Instagram-worthy ice cream dates and traipsing through bluebonnet fields. But let’s face it: even on our best days, being a mom can be tough. And many of us look to other moms for parenting advice and solace on those difficult days.

It seems like everyone’s got advice for moms and soon-to-be moms, and if you have children, then you’ve been there a time or two. Well-meaning friends and even strangers seem to have a lot to say on this topic. And sometime we scoff at this advice, not believing that other people’s experiences will one day be our own, or that some of these things are even possible. The gut reaction is to think, “that will NEVER be me.” Never say never, right?

real moms reveal parenting advice they received but didnt believe until they had kids

Because when you don’t have kids yet, it’s hard to imagine the lengths you’ll go to when your toddler is throwing herself on the floor in full dramatic tantrum inside a Target.

I thought it would be interesting to poll some of my favorite moms to find out what advice they were given that turned out to be totally true in the end, even if they couldn’t believe it at the time. Here’s what they had to say.

11 Moms Reveal the Parenting Advice They Received but Didn’t Believe… Until They Had Kids

Jessica's 3 kids

Jessica’s 3 kids

“One of the things that people constantly told me about motherhood before I had kids was to “enjoy it because it goes so fast!”. It used to drive me crazy to hear, but after having three kids, I am very quickly learning how true that statement is. Right now the days often seem long and chaotic, but like the saying goes, the years are short, so I’m trying my best to embrace the craziness and savor the fleeting moments.” — Jessica, Kozy & Co

“Before I had my second daughter I was told that my heart would definitely grow and that I would have enough love for both my girls. Since I was having a hard time with not wanting to distance myself from my oldest. And sure enough. We learn to love our kids equally, and so much.” — Rachel, Tutus and Heels

“People would say, ‘If letting them sleep with you is the only way you can sleep you’ll do it.’ First baby I still didn’t believe it, mainly because she slept great on her own. We had her in her own bed and room by 3 months. Second one, if she’s not right beside ME, no one is sleeping! Each kid is so different and you better believe I’m kicking myself for saying co-sleeping is not for me. If it means we all sleep better, let’s do it!” — Codi Lynn, Creative Wife and Joyful Worker

“People told me, ‘you will never get a full night’s sleep again!’ There’s a reason why ‘sleep when the baby is sleeping’ is a saying, and it is especially valid if you have a kid who doesn’t like sleeping!” — Lindsay, Middle of Somewhere Blog

“I never believed that I would buy something just for my kids to stop screaming in Target. As of last week, my daughter is the proud owner of a new pair of sandals even though it’s Fall.” — Kat, KatCarah.com

“I didn’t believe that when you had your second kid that your heart literally expands. I just couldn’t understand how I could love another kid as much as I loved my first. And it’s true, as soon as I heard the first cry of my second baby, my heart grew 3 sizes.” — Jennifer, Jen and Juiceboxes

“As soon as I got pregnant, all my mama friends told me about ‘baby brain.’  Honesty, I didn’t believe it could be that bad — but 10 months later I am here to tell you it is! My short term memory is completely shot. I have mailed empty envelopes, missed appointments and driven off with a coffee cup on the hood of my car just to name a couple of examples that I can actually remember.” — Melissa, Baby Castan on Board

“‘It’s going to be so fun making new Mom friends!’Now with a kid, I just awkwardly smile and pray they are not a sanctimommy pre-screening me, basing my mommy skills with my snotty nosed, eczema faced kid throwing rocks at cars in the corner of the playground.” — Bre, The Sentimental Mama


Noelle and her two girls

“I never really understood the patience it takes to raise kids. I was always told you’d love them no matter what (and I do) but there are days that they can run you past your limit and you’re not quite sure how you all got there. In those moments I think, “Time is a thief and tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. So bring them in. Big hugs.” -Noelle, Oh Happy Play 


Kristen and her 3 children

“‘You will use the TV as a babysitter.’ What? Not me! During my first pregnancy I got this advice and I wholeheartedly did not believe this would happen. I was absolutely certain that my children would never get TV time. Well I was in for an awakening. Sometimes it is necessary for me to turn the TV on for the girls so I can make a phone call, clean the house, or get some work done. Sometimes us mothers just need a 30 minute break. It is not all day, every day and I know that it will not kill them or damage their intelligence.” — Kristen, Blissfully Insane Blog

What motherhood advice have you received that you didn’t believe you’d follow or understand until you became a mother?

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