9 Newborn Essentials I Need for the Second Baby

I guess it’s the whole second baby thing, but I’m not really buying much of anything the second time around or asking for anything. I feel pretty set as far as newborn essentials go.

9 Newborn Essentials for Your Second Baby

I’m having another girl at the same time of year as I had the first baby, and we’re pretty well stocked with stuff. This baby’s getting new furniture — including a crib, since Naomi is still thankfully in hers — and some basics, like pacis and bottles and onesies, but other than that, we’re pretty well stocked.

You also realize with baby #2 that you really don’t need that much (even though everyone TOLD you the first time that you didn’t need that much). The first time, you didn’t believe them; you thought if the nursery wasn’t done, the world would end. You thought she needed fancy dresses and tiny shoes. Nope, nope, and nope. The second time around, you know better because you’ve been there, done that.

I will say, though, that a LOT has changed in the world of newborning in the last two years, and I’ve seen so many cool, new products come on the market. I’ve also discovered some things that seem like they’d be a great fit for a family with two kids two and under. I’ve been keeping a short list in my iPhone of all the things I really want for this new baby, because there have really been a lot of changes in the marketplace, and I’ve been loving some of the cool, ingenious products for newborns I’ve seen. Here are some of the items that are on my list.

9 Newborn Essentials I Didn’t Have the First Time That I Definitely Need This Time

  1. The Ergo 360 – I was a big, big fan of baby-wearing and loved wearing Naomi instead of pushing her around in the stroller. She loved it too, and I’m hoping #2 is on board with lots of wearing time. The Ergo 360, which allows you to wear baby in 4 positions instead of just 1, came out right after I had Naomi, so I kind of missed the boat on that one. I’m excited to wear #2 facing out sometimes, on my back, and on my side if I want.
  2. Joovy Caboose VaryLight Stand-On Tandem Double Stroller – At this point, Naomi isn’t a big fan of the stroller. She’ll tolerate it for a little while and then she’s ready to hop out and run around. This Joovy is a stand-on tandem stroller that allows your toddler the option of hopping in and out when she wants while keeping your little one strapped in safely. I can’t say for sure if Naomi’s going to like it, but we’re certainly going to give it a try.
  3. Milk Snob car seat cover – There’s nothing more annoying than well-meaning strangers with dirty hands touching your baby. Enter the Milk Snob car seat cover. It stretches easily over your car seat and gives you a hole to peak through, so you know baby’s ok but no one else can see her. It also doubles as a nursing cover AND it comes in lots of rad patterns.
  4. HALO Bassinet Swivel Sleeper – How awesome is this new bassinet from the company that makes my all-time favorite sleep sacks? One of my big mistakes with baby #1 was not allowing her to sleep in our room once in awhile when I was desperate for sleep. I was so strict with trying to get her to sleep in her crib at night that my own sleep and healthy suffered. With this bad boy, I won’t have the same problem.
  5. Pacif-i – Nothing stresses me out, still to this day, as much as trying to take my daughter’s temperature. When you need a thermometer to work, it NEVER does, or the child won’t keep it in her mouth/under her arm/in her you-know-what. I’ve had terrible luck with thermometers over the years, and I’ve had them all, even the expensive ones. This awesome paci thermometer seems like the perfect alternative to all the others I’ve tried and ultimately hated.
  6. The FeverFrida – We’ve all used that gross but completely necessary NoseFrida, and we totally trust it. That’s why the FeverFreida is so awesome; it’s a thermometer that’s used by putting a small patch under baby’s arm. It monitors the  baby’s temp all night and if it gets over a certain degree, an alarm will sound. Now that’s genius.
  7. Aden & Anais baby clothes – Aden & Anais makes the sweetest, softest swaddles and towels, but they weren’t making baby clothes when Naomi was born. Now they are, and I have to have some. Everything is adorable and made from the softest muslin! Perfect for delicate baby skin.
  8. A diaper bag backpack instead of a tote.
  9. Just Born Deluxe Swaddle – What’s so cool about this swaddle is that it has a built in headrest to prevent the dreaded flat head that sometimes happens to our sweet newborns. A swaddle that prevents that seems like a pretty ingenious thing.

What are your newborn essentials?

21 thoughts on “9 Newborn Essentials I Need for the Second Baby

  1. All true about the second time round ! I only bought a few extra things as my first was a boy, and second baby a girl. Love the list you share (only wish most of these things were around 25 years ago!)

  2. My kids are older so many of these items just weren’t available when I was using a diaper bag. I did try a backpack once and greatly preferred the tote. I have seen aden & anais before and their stuff is always cute.

  3. I remember buying way too much stuff for my first child. The second one around didn’t need near the “junk” I thought I had to have that first go round. I love your list of essentials and as a Nana, I love seeing all the new stuff. It helps me when buying baby shower gifts and for my own grandkids. Thanks!

  4. These are great items to have when you are having a baby. My children are grown already, but I know some of these items would have been great when I was planning to have them.

  5. We all live and learn. There are a lot of things that my second one got that never even occurred to me with the first one. I am kind of amazed that they both became pretty awesome ladies!

  6. Wow! So many of those things were not in existence when I had my kids. I wish that many of them had been available. Life would have been easier.

  7. I do not yet have kids so I will draw on your experience, but I am told by the second you know what works/worked well and what doesnt.

  8. These are all great essentials for a second or even first baby. Things have change a lot since I had my last born son 19 years ago. I used a lot of onesies with my boys and I used to use gowns on them instead of sleepers when we were home.

  9. I’m 12 weeks with baby #7 and I’ll be honest, I’ll use my carriers/wraps and ring slings I have and beyond that I won’t need much. LOL. I’ve learned after so many babies so many things we never used, I think by baby #2 you know what works, and what you need!

  10. During my first pregnancy with the twins, I had double of everything. I’ll be honest, it was so overwhelming on what I needed or use. This post is so helpful for the new moms out there.

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