My Fool-Proof, Easy Morning Makeup Routine for Busy Moms and Business Owners

Have you been on the hunt for an easy morning makeup routine? A few months ago, I realized that my skin was looking pretty, shall we say, BAD post-pregnancy, and I wasn’t too happy about it. I also wasn’t sure what to do about it, because I have so little time for any kind of skincare routine in the morning, and I’m exhausted by the end of the day. I don’t want to spend hours on my skin.

My days mostly consist of working on, this blog and orders, jetting to and from meetings, eating lunch in my car and hanging with my little ones. Who has time for skincare in all of that craziness?

I talked to some of my friends who I would consider beauty gurus, and they gave me some amazing tips and pointers. I also experimented with different creams and makeup to see what worked for me, and found some ways to get ready in the morning that didn’t require much time at all.

I had found the perfect easy makeup routine. FINALLY. (SCROLL DOWN FOR THE LIST)

This routine takes about 10 minutes, which is about all the time (and patience) I have for my makeup in the morning. Because I’m no beauty expert, I’m really not trying to sell you anything, and I actually buy all of these products versus being gifted them. You can trust that I really believe in what I’m putting on my face every day.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home-mom, a working mom, or a busy professional woman, here are the products I put on in 10 minutes to get my kids out the door and myself to that meeting on time.

Easy Morning Makeup Routine for Busy Moms and Working Moms

Step 1: Kate Somerville Quench Oil-Free Serum. What is serum, exactly? I swear, people I know have been talking about serum for ages, and I’m over here like, “that’s ANOTHER thing I have to put on my face?” But you guys… this stuff is legit. I pat a little on — and a little goes a long way — as a first step, and it leaves a cool, tingly feeling, not to mention it’s super hydrating. I have noticed a real difference in fine lines since starting to use this product and the one mentioned in step 2.

Step 2: Kate Somerville Oil-Free Moisturizer. I’m not going to lie to you… KS products are not the cheapest products on the shelf. Not by a long shot. But when you think about price per wear, and what it does to your face, it’s totally worth it. I’ve tried a million moisturizers, and there is nothing like this out there. It’s like a drink for your face.

Step 3: Chantecaille Tinted Moisturizer. My makeup person recommended this brand because what I was using before was irritating my skin. If you have sensitive skin, this stuff is amazing. It’s not harsh at all, and it’s got pretty desent coverage for a tinted moisturizer. Plus, it’s got sunscreen built in, so that’s a step you can skip!

Step 4: Trish McEvoy Concealer. I trust Trish products 100%. I’ve recently expanded my repertoire, but in much of my adult life, I’ve been a loyalist. The concealer provides excellent coverage and is really lightweight.

Step 5: Chantecaille Loose Powder. I’m not a big fan of pressed powder, but loose is sometimes a big ol’ mess.¬†This one’s my fave. Non-messy and easy on the skin. I just dab a little on the nose, forehead and under the eyes.

Step 6: Trish McEvoy blush. A little of your perfect shade on the apples of your cheeks to make you look a little less ghost-like when your 9 month-old has kept you up all night and you have a billion emails to respond to.

Step 7: Trish Bronzer in Highlight Sunlit. For that perfect sun-kissed look, even in the dead of Winter, a put a little of this on the areas where the sun touches the face, and voila… instant tan and glow!

Step 8: Bobbi Brown Longwear Brow Pencil. I’ve been using Bobbi Brown’s brow pencil for ages, but recently, they came out with this long-wear version that keeps my brows in check the entire day.

Step 9: Trish McEvoy Lash-Curing Mascara. Okay, I know people are usually married to their mascara, but let me tell you why this one’s the best. This mascara is waterproof, but still comes off in little tubes with a little warm water. I know, it’s crazy… but I’ve been wearing it for years, and it’s pretty incredible. Try it!

Step 10: Guerlain Meteorites Compact. I love that this compact has color-correcting properties, and it adds that much-needed shimmer right under my eyes to make me look a little more awake. I will admit, it has a slight fragrance, which sometimes irritates my eyes, so avoid if you don’t want any fragrance in your makeup.

Step 11:¬†Rosebud Salve. My friend Rima gave me this last year, and I’ve been through about 5 pots of it since. Sometime I even put it on my hands. So many amazing uses in just one little pot, but mostly it’s a savior for your lips in the cold, dry months of Winter.

I’ve been on such a beauty kick lately… what are your favorite products? Do you have an easy morning makeup routine that you stick to?

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