Small Business Spotlight: 10 Questions with Jawda and Jawda

I am a sucker for good design. I love gawking at pretty interiors, and gorgeous spaces make me giddy. I also know that, as hard as I may try, and as talented as I am in other areas, I am not capable of accomplishing the looks I love in my home on my own. That’s why I’m so excited to introduce to you today a pair of sisters who is making Houston more beautiful one home at a time, Sarah and Saba Jawda, the creative team behind Jawda and Jawda. I’m both  impressed by the design firm they’ve built and in awe of how cohesive their aesthetic is.

Small Business Success Story: Sarah and Saba Jawda. See how these two creative sisters melded their love of interior and graphic design to create one unique design house. Read more at How gorgeous are these styled book shelves?!

They make quite a pair: Sarah has a background in graphic design and marketing, and Saba has a background in interior design and architecture. Together, they make a winning duo who team up on gorgeous design and marketing projects across that span from home design to app creation. Their vast skill set gives them opportunities to work on a variety of creative projects in all areas, which, for a creative, is a dream come true.

Small Business Success Story: Sarah and Saba Jawda. See how these two creative sisters melded their love of interior and graphic design to create one unique design house. Read more at

I felt it was the perfect time to profile them because each year, they organize the most incredible pop-up shop in Houston, which lasts for a full month. You can stop by their temporary location to stock up on unique and special treasures for the holidays, and this year, cuteheads is participating! Make sure to stop by  5323 Blossom Street, 77007 from December 7 through December 21 to shop our FW16 collection.

Read on to learn more about what a typical day is like for them, their best advice for would-be entrepreneurs, and how they got their start.

Small Business Success Story: Sarah and Saba Jawda. See how these two creative sisters melded their love of interior and graphic design to create one unique design house. Read more at

Small Business Spotlight: 10 Questions with Sarah and Saba Jawda, co-founders of Jawda and Jawda

Glad to chat with you! First, tell us where we can find you online.

Saba Jawda + Sarah Jawda – Jawda and Jawda@jawdaandjawda.

What inspired you to start your own business?

We were raised to embrace our creativity, whether through art, clothing or design so we have always had multiple avenues in which to express ourselves that made a design profession the natural choice. We each started with our individual passions and grew from there creatively until 2009 when we joined said creative efforts into one firm where be began designing under one umbrella.  

What inspires your work and what sets you apart from everyone else?

Our aesthetic is clean and simple yet bold, eclectic and detailed-oriented. Our approach, while it differs with each client, is to be inspired and pushed by the challenges that each project brings. We are passionate about design and the creative process therefore anytime we learn something new and push creative boundaries we become more inspired. Our inspiration stems from everywhere but if we had to pick one thing it would be travel. We have yet to find an alternative to travel that yields the reward of meeting new people and visiting new places.

What is your background and how did you develop the skills to start your business?

Upon earning degrees in architecture and interior design – Saba Jawda has been working on commercial, hospitality, retail and residential projects worldwide. Her keen eye for color and form combined with modern flair and urban sophistication attribute to her unique style. Saba is also a modern abstract artist whose work has been displayed across the United States, Central America, Europe and Asia.

Sarah Jawda is a graphic designer with degrees in advertising, public relations and Marketing. She aspires to innovate the norms of the style and design industry through the combination of simplistic design and visionary wit. Sarah’s creative inspiration stems from the need to find uncommon approaches to the common idea.
Together we have collaborated to create Jawda and Jawda – an unprecedented approach to redefining the 21st century lifestyle via the culmination of unconventional design and a unique vision for detail.

What has been your biggest success to date?

Biggest success to date would have to be growing our company, now in our 7th year + getting to do what we love everyday. 

What has been your biggest challenge?

Biggest challenge would have to be that there isn’t enough time in the day!

Describe your typical work day.

There is no typical work day for us. It’s just us two as of now but the goal is to grow soon. When we aren’t out/about meeting with clients or shopping for them, we work from our studio. It’s not always glamorous + every day is absolutely different but we do our best to divide + concur! 

Which small businesses are you inspired by?

We are inspired by any business, big or small that has beat any odds to be open and thriving. There are so many creatives especially here in Houston who are doing incredible things that we so admire. 

If you could go back to the beginning knowing what you know now, what would you have done differently?

We can honestly say we would do it all over again the same way. We learn from every day and if something doesn’t work, we change it immediately. That’s the nice thing about being small – change happens often and fast!

What’s your best advice for someone who wants to start her own creative business?

The best advice is related to all aspects of life. Work hard. Learn from your mistakes. Quitting is never an option. 

Read more about Sara and Saba and follow her journey at Mint & Birch. Follow her on Instagram at jawda+jawda

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