Welcome to the new cuteness!

Welcome to the cuteness, the new and improved blog from cuteheads and me, Esther. Since cuteheads‘ launch in 2011, we’ve had a blog. It was always embedded in our site, thanks to the free shopify (our ecommerce platform) blog tool. It has served me well over the last few years.

But things change. Our business has changed, and grown by leaps and bounds, and that tool no longer served our growing needs as a place to share not only what’s happening with cuteheads, but our love of other small brands and our collaborations with them. So this new fancy schmancy blog will serve as that home base. From here on out, you’ll find kid’s fashion news and infor ation, the latest trends, the coolest small brands, and awesome outfits. We’ll be updating multiple times a week.

On top of that, you’ll find small business resources. At least once a week, I am asked about how to start a small business, what tools I use, what my experiences have been, and the like. This will now be the place where I share some of that good stuff. If you have a small business question, send it my way!

And lastly, you’ll find bits and pieces of my life. Although this is not meant to be a personal blog, there may be some overlap into some personal areas, because let’s face it: I am my business. I’m a wife, a mom, and a small business owner, and facing challenges in each of those area. Sometimes I’ll share those things here because it’s really nice to know you’re not alone when you’re dealing with the hard stuff.


So please do come back and see us, follow us on Bloglovin, and let’s be friends. Commence cuteness revolution!

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The Cuteness: sharing daily inspiration, kids fashion, work/life balance + small business how to's from mom & business owner Esther Freedman