9 Stylish Diaper Bag Backpacks

Arent these so cute?! Stylish Backpack Diaper Bags, the alternative to the traditional diaper bag | Read more at blog.cuteheads.com

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All the things I did with baby #1 are slowly coming back to me, like the fact that I’m going to be carrying around a legit diaper bag again. At this point, I just throw some snacks, a diaper, some wipes and a water into my purse and go; Naomi doesn’t need a full-on diaper bag anymore. A newborn, however, is going to require many things to be toted around, if we ever plan on leaving the house. I also recall that carrying a heavy tote around on my shoulder AND a car seat gave me some serious neck and shoulder pain, which is why this go-round, I plan to use diaper bag backpacks instead of totes.

I’m really not buying much for baby #2, and I’m certainly not asking for much, so the few things I do want and need, I’m spending a lot of time thinking about. I’ve been looking for a cute and stylish backpack diaper bag, one that doesn’t actually look like a diaper bag, even though some of them are. I’ve never cared for the cheesy and babyish prints on most diaper bags, so I know it needs to be a neutral color: black, gray or metallic, something that goes with everything. I don’t want to have to change bags every time we leave the house. I also need it to be big enough to carry all of the baby’s things AND the few things Naomi needs. In other words, it needs to be both cute and functional, and to be honest, there’s a lot of functional out there, and a lot of cute, but not a lot of both.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

Would you consider diaper bag backpacks instead of traditional diaper bags?

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47 thoughts on “9 Stylish Diaper Bag Backpacks

  1. Those are all so cute. I never had anything fancy back in the day, but after seeing these – I sure wish I did!

  2. I much prefer back pack diaper bags to over the shoulder ones. Especially with more than one little one in tow! I love the styles that are unisex – that way Dad doesn’t feel self conscious when he’s carrying it!

    1. That’s a good point! There were so many times my husband had to take my diaper bag, and he’d insist on putting the important items items into his backpack instead :)

  3. Wow these are all such a step up from what we had back when our kids were in diapers. I love the fashion sense that moms of young kids get to rock these days!

  4. Diaper Bags have sure come a long way since those overly cutesy bags that were available when I had kids. I would gladly pick any of those backpacks. I like that they don’t look like a diaper bag.

  5. Our friends came over yesterday with their baby and they had a backpack that they used for the diaper bag. I actually thought it was adorable! PLUS, so much easier than trying to keep a strap on your shoulder and better for your body.

    I love the puffy black backpacks you show up there. My husband would carry them, but I think theya re cute too!

  6. I am not a mummy yet or expecting but I love all of these backpacks and since I am a backpack lover due to my solo travelling I think this would work for me big time.

  7. These are sooo stylish and cute, I love them all! I think having a diaper backpack is much more useful and efficient than your typical diaper shoulder bag. Great roundup post!

  8. Love number 9! These would be great for the new fathers out there! They don’t have that look of a traditional mommy bag.

  9. I don’t have kids but I do really like the idea of diaper bag backpacks! I LOVE number four, so adorable <3

  10. We are at the point of throwing some snacks, wipes and a diaper or two into moms (my) bag, but oh boy I will never forget the days of trudging that diaper bag packed with lord knows what all over this earth! These are super stylish choices, nothing like the utility-like bag that I had!

  11. I have been carrying the same bag now for over two years and it’s definitely time for an update. I’ve been debating on whether or not to go the backpack route, but I haven’t found any that I love. SOOOO glad I came across your post, but I’m sending the link to one of them to my husband… (cough cough, happy valentine’s day??)

  12. I was never a fan of backpacks for diaper bags or purses until recently, and now I have about 3 lol! You choices are great, I will have to look into them!

  13. Thank you for sharing these! I was just thinking that we’re reaching the point where I should convert to a diaper bag backpack for my toddler. We still have a while to go before I can ditch it completely, but this might be a better option!

  14. I want #6. I actually just got rid of my diaper bag about two days ago. My kids are now 1 1/2 and 3 1/2 and there really isn’t any need for a huge back pack anymore. We just keep a small bag in the trunk for emergency’s and I throw a couple diapers in my purse. I think as a first time mom I would have never used a small bag because I always thought I needed more than I needed, but as a 2nd time mom I would consider it.

  15. What a great selection! I really like #2, #3 and #8! They look so stylish compared to ones I had when my daughter was a baby. Have to save these ideas for the future.

    1. I’m still trying to decide which one I want… It’s a tough choice, but I feel like, if it’s something you carry every day as your purse, why shouldn’t it be cute?

  16. I don’t even have kids yet, but I honestly think of diaper bags already because there are so many ugly ones! They obviously need to be functional, but you don’t have to sacrifice cute for that. Haha! Love these ideas!

  17. Cute options! I agree – your needs just change from an infant to a toddler. I am all about a backpack as a diaper bag. I got tired of slinging my heavy bag over my shoulder, plus with a backpack you can be hands-free! I wrote a post about diaper bags today and reviewed a Lily Jade bag – I LOVE that it transitions to a shoulder bag, cross body, and backpack.

  18. I prefer to use a back pack, I usually use the free Nestle one that gets mailed to you though. A backpack doesn’t fall on you while strapping your kid in, and it stays put when you are chasing your kid through the mall! Those ones are super stylish though!

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